doc workshop 2022

17 – 24 August 2022
Požega (Serbia)

The tenth edition of the programme Interaction: Doc Workshop (I: DW) will be held from 17 to 24 August 2022. Participants in the programme will have the opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills in making creative documentary films through lectures, panel discussions, film screenings and Q&As with authors, as well as to develop their own documentaries through consultations with tutors and sessions with other participants.


/ for all participants of the I: DW programme /

From 18 to 23 August in the morning (10 – 14 h), our experts – Rada Šešić and Vladimir Perović will be revealing different aspects of creative documentary film together with this year’s participants.

Rada Šešić
During intensive workshops, the participants will work with Rada Šešić, filmmaker, film lecturer, and curator who works internationally in Europe and Asia (IDFA, IFFRotterdam, Sarajevo, Kerala and Kolkata) on brainstorming through the projects. On the way, we will visit many film styles, various festivals and markets and find the answers on following questions: I HAVE AN IDEA! WHAT NOW? WHAT do I want to say? HOW I want to say? DOES the HOW fit the WHAT? When I make a great, compelling film, how to be noticed internationally?

Vladimir Perović
Leave the word, embrace the image
Words in cinema don’t stand for the means of expression, they are but the transmitters (conveyors) of some information.
But the cinema has got everything else: image, ambiental as well as associative sound, montage rhythms and pace... dramaturgical gradations and reversals... all in all: a fine kinesthetic game, articulating the overall word of the film and communicating the overall message of the film.
As an interpreter of reality, the non-verbal, visual narration is far more potent, essentially more authentic, and much closer to the human being than words...

Shooting Documentaries: Documenting, Expressing and Denouncing Reality
By making documentaries, we are neither servants of reality nor impersonal transmitters of images from that reality to the screen. To us, the pictures are just the material, they serve us. A documentary never means a mere reality, but always, as Jean Vigo would say: apropos reality. A documentary implies digging beneath the surface of reality, revealing another (higher) meaning. By documenting, we always go beyond: by creating new, associative and poetic liaisons, we interpret, express, and denounce reality, revealing what the reality is trying to conceal, and what others do not notice in it...

Doc in Progress

/ only for 6 workshop participants whose projects are selected for development /
Six participants, whose projects will be selected for Doc in Progress, taking place from 18 to 23 August 2022, will have the opportunity to develop their projects through individual and group consultations with tutors.

Each of the tutors will work on the development of three selected projects, through group and individual consultations with participants. Participants whose projects will be selected for development will have the opportunity to discuss their projects with the other two tutors as part of twenty-minute individual consultations.

Number of consultation hours:
  • consultations with the main tutor - 1 hour per project
  • consultations with the other tutors - 20 minutes per project
Candidates can apply for projects in development, regardless of the length (short or feature-length documentary) or the stage in which the project is at present (in development, production or the rough cut stage).

Joint programmes

In addition to participating in the I: DW programme, during their stay in Požega, participants can benefit from the opportunity to meet and connect with participants in other Interaction programmes (I: SFC and I: SDF) through participation in joint programmes:

Speed Meeting
Within the Speed Meeting programme, I: DW participants will have the opportunity to schedule potential meetings with participants in other Interaction programmes, but also with experts, members of the organising team or guests, and, through twenty-minute ’one-to-one’ conversations, exchange ideas, discuss their own projects or establish networking arrangements and potential future cooperation.

The list of Speed Meeting participants will be published later.

Participants will have the opportunity to get involved in panel discussions we will organise during their stay in Požega. Within the Panel programme, we will gather documentarians to be open for discussion, debate and exchange of views on topics that are of importance for the profession, authors and producers of documentaries. We organise the Panel programme in cooperation with Beldocs – International Documentary Film Festival, one of the greatest documentary film festivals in the Balkans.

Lists of participants and topics of the Panel will be published later.

Interaction: Short Docs Festival
During their stay at the camp, participants will have the opportunity to attend screenings of excellent short documentaries within I: SDF, as well as to participate in Q&As with authors.

You can find the festival programme HERE.

We are proud of the Interscreen programme – selection of short documentaries done by our participants − which we have organized as part of the International Student Film Camp Interaction and the International Masterclass of Documentary Film Interdoc by showing the mentioned films to the audience. From this year onwards, Interscreen is an integral part of our festival – Interaction: Short Docs Festival, as a non-competition programme, in which we show creative short documentaries of camp and workshop participants, selected by the festival’s programmer.

Socialising in free time
In order to establish the best possible interaction between our participants, we organise gatherings in bars, on sports terrains and excursions.

I: DW takes place in August in Požega (Serbia), at the same time as the camp and festival. I: DW participants can take part either with or without a project in development.

The participation fee in the programme is 630 EUR.

Participants will be awarded certificates of participation on 24 August 2022, at the Movie Theatre of the Cultural Centre of Belgrade, during the Belgrade premiere of films made at the camp and the screening of films awarded at the festival.