student film camp 2022

08 – 24 August 2022
Čačak / Požega / Užice (Serbia)

The seventeenth edition of Interaction: Student Film Camp (I: SFC) will take place from 8 to 24 August 2022 in Western Serbia (Čačak, Požega, Užice) and will last for 17 days. During this year’s camp, fifteen participants – students of film production, directing, cinematography, sound design and editing from different parts of the world, will be divided into three crews, and make three creative short documentaries on a given topic.

Film production

The production of creative documentaries, lasting up to 30 minutes, is realised through the following two phases:

Research and project development:
Fifteen participants, divided into three crews, and with the assistance of the executive producer, directing supervisor and local production coordinators, find three themes for their documentaries based on a common theme of the camp, and then researches and further develops their projects, in two phases:

- On-line (1 June – 7 August)
Local production coordinators and the executive producer first suggest potential topics and characters for the film, in line with a general theme of the camp, as well as the interests of participants – directors, and then, by facilitating networking between participants (primarily students of directing and production) and people from the local community, assist in the process of research and development of projects. The research will be held through e-mail communication and Zoom crews meetings.

- On-site, during the stay at the camp (8 – 11 August)
Upon arrival in Belgrade (8 August), participants travel to Western Serbia, where they are divided into three teams, and continue the process of research and development of their projects through direct contact with their film characters in Čačak, Požega and Užice. During this phase, participants will have the opportunity to cooperate with members of the Council of Local Camp Researchers, who, as experts in the local community where they live, recommend potential topics for documentaries.

Production (12 – 15 August)
At the end of the previous phase, participants submit project proposals to the executive producer, on the basis of which they begin the next phase – production.

Post-production (16 – 22 August)
After the production is finalised, participants of all three crews gather in Požega where they work on editing, sound design, colour correction, subtitles translation and graphic processing of their films. Throughout all stages of production, the work of the crews is monitored by the executive producer and the directing supervisor.

Screening of films produced during the camp

At the end of production phase, films produced the camp are screened:
  • during the internal screening at the final workshop in Požega (23 August)
  • during the closing day ceremony of Interaction: Short Docs Festival – the premiere screening in Požega (23 August) and then in Belgrade (24 August)
  • in Užice, Čačak, and other locations which express interest, both in the country and abroad (after 25 August)
  • at film festivals and television stations (after 25 August)

Joint programmes

In addition to taking part in production of their films during their stay at the camp, I: ISFC participants also have the opportunity to meet and connect with participants in other Interaction programmes (Interaction: Doc Workshop and Interaction: Short Docs Festival) through participation in joint programmes:

Speed Meeting
Within the Speed Meeting programme, I: SFC participants have the opportunity to schedule potential meetings with participants in other Interaction programmes, but also with experts, members of the organising team or guests, and, through twenty-minute ’one-to-one’ conversations, exchange ideas, discuss their own projects or establish networking arrangements and potential future cooperation.

The list of Speed Meeting participants will be published later.

Participants will have the opportunity to get involved in panel discussions we will organise during their stay in Požega. Within the Panel programme, we will gather documentarians to be open for discussion, debate and exchange of views on topics that are of importance for the profession, authors and producers of documentaries. The Panel programme is realised in collaboration with Beldocs – International Documentary Film Festival, one of the biggest documentary film festivals in the Balkans.

Lists of participants and topics of the Panel will be published later.

Interaction: Short Docs Festival
During their stay at the camp, participants will have the opportunity to attend screenings of excellent short documentaries within I: SDF, as well as to participate in conversations with filmmakers.

You can find the festival programme HERE.

We are proud of the Interscreen programme – selection of short documentaries done by our participants − which we have organized for years as part of the International Student Film Camp Interaction and the International Masterclass of Documentary Film Interdoc by showing the mentioned films to the audience. From this year onwards, Interscreen is an integral part of our festival – Interaction: Short Docs Festival, as a non-competition programme, in which we show creative short documentaries of camp and workshop participants, selected by the festival’s programmer.

Socialising in free time
In order to establish the best possible interaction between our participants, we organise events in bars and on sports terrains, as well as excursions.

I: SFC takes place in August in Požega (Serbia), at the same time as Interaction: Doc Workshop and Interaction: Short Docs Festival.

Participation in the programme I: SFC is free of charge.

Participants will be awarded certificates of participation on 24 August 2022, at the Movie Theatre of the Cultural Centre of Belgrade, during the Belgrade premiere of films made at the camp and the screening of films awarded at the festival.