The trinomial international jury will choose the recipient of
the Interaction Best Film Award from the 15 films in the competition programme.
An Interaction Audience Film award will be given to the film with
the highest score given by the audience.

Interaction Best Film Award

Interaction Best Film Award will be given to the director of the film and, apart from the statute and diploma, includes a cash award provided by Sirogojno Company. The statue is designed and created by sculptor Marko Crnobrnja.

Interaction 2022 Best Film Award to the film Granny’s Sexual Life by Urška Djukić, Émilie Pigeard (Slovenia, France, 2021)

Jury statement: Engaged, daring, provocative, highly imaginative, Granny’s Sexual Life is immaculate in interweaving different elements of expression. The outstandingly crafted animations form a counterpoint to the brutal testimonies, opening a dark abyss of civil-historical dimensions. Balancing the weight of the topic with matter-of-fact voiceover delivery and tragic-comic animation language, the film creates a new space in which the experience of this centuries old tale becomes visceral. A potent combination that stays in the body and the mind. Simply excellent!

Jury Interaction 2022

The recipient of the Interaction Best Film Award will be chosen by a trinomial international jury, consisting of renowned film professionals that have made astonishing accomplishments in the field of documentary film on an international level - Iva Radivojević, Pavel Mozhar and Vladimir Perović.

Interaction Audience Award

Interaction 2022 Audience Award to the film My Uncle Tudor (Olga Lucovnicova, Belgium, Hungary, Portugal, 2021)