Interaction is a life-changing experience.

Our Mission

Film, more than any other medium, provides an opportunity for people to understand each other, to question and influence the world around them. A special place belongs to creative documentary film, and within it, to creative short documentary.
By using the power of documentary film, Interaction inspires people to change the world for the better.

Our Vision

Interaction is an experience that has changed many young filmmakers’ lives and their views of the world.
In its endeavour to support the production, education and promotion of creative documentaries, with an emphasis on the short documentary form, Interaction has established an unbreakable network of cooperation, understanding and tolerance that extends across all continents.
By bringing the highest quality international documentary film to the widest audience, Interaction provides a special film experience, supports independent and young filmmakers and encourages intercultural dialogue. By stimulating the production of short documentaries through the direct cooperation of film school students from around the world, as well as encouraging education in the field of creative documentaries, Interaction promotes values such as freedom of creative expression, innovation, inclusion and solidarity.

Interaction: Student Film Camp (I: SFC)

I: SFC - the aim of the programme is production of short documentaries and is intended for students of film academies. We have been realising this programme since 2006, with the aim to promote short documentary film among young people – students of film academies, as well as to encourage their networking and exchange of knowledge and experience through work in multinational teams. During the sixteen-year realisation of the camp, more than 260 participants from over 60 countries, i.e., students of more than 100 film academies have participated in the programme. 53 documentaries have been made and over 20 awards won at film festivals around the world. A special success was achieved by the film Valley of the Rulers (directed by Efim Graboy), which was nominated for the best short documentary film by the prestigious International Documentary Association (IDA) in 2019.

Interaction: Short Docs Festival (I: SDF)

After many years of creating and screening short documentaries within the International Student Film Camp Interaction, we have noticed the audience’s interest in short form, and also felt the authors’ passion to address us with the poetics of minimalism, and, like eminent authors of haiku poetry, convey their relationship to the world we share in a concise and succinct way. By launching I: SDF, we want to provide short documentary filmmakers with an opportunity to establish communication with the audience, and to show all the power of short form, which with its experimentation and innovation significantly contribute to pushing the boundaries of documentary film. We would like the I: SDF to become a meeting place for audiences, authors and participants in other Interaction programmes, a venue for screening of short creative documentaries and participating in long conversations about them.

Interaction: Doc Workshop (I: DW)

I: DW is an intensive, seven-day programme that allows participants to improve their knowledge and skills in making creative documentary films through lectures, panel discussions, film screenings and Q&As with authors, as well as to develop their own documentaries through consultations with tutors and sessions with other participants. Our educational programme we launched in 2011, under the name the Interdoc - International Masterclass of Documentary Film. To date, 128 participants from 46 countries have attended our programme, with distinguished lecturers such as leading directors from Serbia and the region – Želimir Žilnik, Vladimir Perović, Dragan Elčić, Nebojša Slijepčević and Mladen Matičević.