short docs festival

An international festival of short creative documentaries,
lasting up to 30 minutes, which, with their originality and innovation,
contribute to pushing the boundaries of documentary film.

After many years of creating and screening short documentaries within the International Student Film Camp Interaction, we have noticed the audience’s interest in short form, and also felt the authors’ passion to address us with the poetics of minimalism, and, like eminent authors of haiku poetry, convey their relationship to the world we share in a concise and succinct way.

By launching Interaction: Short Docs Festival (I: SDF), we want to provide short documentary filmmakers with an opportunity to establish communication with the audience, and to show all the power of short form, which with its experimentation and innovation significantly contribute to pushing the boundaries of documentary film. We would like the I: SDF to become a meeting place for audiences, authors and participants in other Interaction programmes, a venue for screening of short creative documentaries and participating in long conversations about them.