fall sonata

short documentary shot in Užice
film type: documentary
length: 12’
year of production: 2022
country: Serbia

Production company: IFC Filmart
Producer: Dejan Petrović
Executive producer: Predrag Živković
Production manager: Anđela Lazić
Sound recording: Ognjen Vidaković
Sound design: Sudarshan Sawan
Director of Photography: Siddhant Sarin
Edited by: Arielle Granof
Directed and written by: Abraham Escobedo Salas

Facing the isolation of the pandemic, photographer Milos Cvetković begins scanning the negatives of his life's work. Memories of the reality he faced during the Yugoslav wars in the nineties come back to haunt him.Dealing with these demons, he works on a photo book as his legacy.