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Powiedz mi cos jeszcz
Martyna Peszko
Poland | 2020 | 29 min

Barbara (67) has been suffering from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis for five years. She is bedridden. Once a year, when Barbara's husband goes on vacation, the person responsible for taking care of her becomes her daughter - Martyna (36). She cooks, feeds, cleans and nurses her mother. Because of the loss of muscle control, Barbara is only able to communicate by moving her eyes. Letter after letter Martyna deciphers words, sentences, and meanings. They both long very much for those conversations sensing that the end is near.

Director: Martyna Peszko
Screenwriter: Martyna Peszko
Cinematographer: Martyna Peszko
Editor: Olga Kalagate
Sound recordists & designers: Martyna Peszko, Mateusz Adamczyk
Producer: Natalia Grzegorzek
Production: Koskino

    Festivals & Awards (selected)
  • Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival, 2021
  • DOC NYC New York's Documentary Festival, 2021
  • Pärnu Film Festival, 2021 (Best Student Docs)
  • Krakow Film Festival, 2020
  • Warsaw Film Festival, 2020