Gerard Ortín Castellví
Spain, UK | 2022 | 21 min

Agrilogistics looks at recent technological transformations in contemporary industrial agriculture. Tulip bulbs, chrysanthemum stems and vine tomatoes are processed through cameras, feeding datasets that regulate their own growth. During the day, the greenhouse is a cinematic device, an automated film set optimized for the mass production of fruits and flowers. At night, the factory stops: without an inside or an outside, the greenhouse becomes an oneiric chamber where plants, animals and machines form new entanglements.

Director: Gerard Ortín Castellví
Screenwriter: Gerard Ortín Castellví
Cinematographer: Gerard Ortín Castellví
Editors: Gerard Ortín Castellví, Maddi Barber, Mirari Echávarri
Sound recordist & designer: Oriol Campi Solé
Producer: Gerard Ortín Castellví
Co-production: Oriol Campi Solé, Vivianne Jorritsma, Sabine Groenewegen
Production: Catalan Films

    Festivals & Awards (selected)
  • Berlin International Film Festival, 2022
  • Cinéma du Réel - International Documentary Film Festival, 2022
  • Hong Kong International Film Festival, 2022
  • Go Short – International Short Film Festival Nijmegen, 2022
  • Documenta Madrid - International Film Festival (Awarded Best National Film), 2022
  • Curtas Vila do Conde - International Film Festival, 2022
  • Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, 2022