Mahalle’s School – Family Going Live

Akshay Ingle
India | 2021 | 10 min

Janu and Vedu are neatly dressed in their school uniforms, but they’re not going off to school. They’re at home, tensely watching the screen of a mobile phone - firmly mounted on a tripod. In India, as in other places, the pandemic has meant that millions of children are being educated online. While they do their assignments, debut filmmaker Akshay Pradip Ingle focuses mostly on the reactions of the kids - sometimes they’re serious, other times inquisitive and at times a touch rebellious. Their parents look on with great interest and support - their father teaches online himself.

Director: Akshay Ingle
Screenwriter: Nil
Cinematographer: Akshay Ingle
Editors: Akshay Ingle, Dhanesh Gopal
Sound recordist: Akshay Ingle
Sound designer: Sudarshan Sawant
Composer: Rohiet Mulmule
Production: Abhishek Pawar, Pooja Ingle

    Festival & Awards (selected)
  • Film SouthAsia, 2022 (Best Social issue on children's award)
  • IDFA - International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, 2021
  • PSBT Film Challenge, 2021 (Silver Award))