Between Summers

Anja Koprivšek
Croatia │ 2021 │32 min

Two sisters from a Roma family, Zimka and Nazmija, are learning what it means to grow up. Their bond is strong, but marked by the clash of their very different personalities. Zimka cannot be controlled, in spite of Nazmija’s best attempts to parent her. The two spent the summer before high school together; singing, dancing, and wandering around Zagreb.As the school year begins, Zimka starts turning her attention to Tino, her boyfriend, neglecting both school and her sister. This relationship, along with Zimka’s departure to a group home, will put their sisterhood to the test.

Director: Anja Koprivšek
Screenwriter: Anja Koprivšek
Cinematographers: Anja Koprivšek, Dora Čaldarović, Lara Varat
Editor: Dora Slakoper
Sound recordist: Anja Koprivšek
Sound designer: Nina Ugrinović
Production: Academy of Dramatic Art Zagreb

    Festival & Awards (selected)
  • Docslisboa - International Documentary Film Festival, 2021
  • Zagrebdox – International Documentary Film Festival, 2021
  • Pula Film Festival, 2021