IVA.lab programme 2022 gathers together four young artists from the region

18 – 23 / 08 / 2022
Požega, Serbia
Mila Panić, Saša Tatić, Jelena Prljević i Miloš Bojović

Residency programme for video art, established in 2016 with the goal of gathering visual artists from Serbia and region, film professionals and students of film schools from the whole world in one place. This residency was started as a reaction to the problem of not having enough residency programs of media art practice and also art colonies and video art workshops. It initiates the production of new moving picture and continuous testing of how close two media are, that is – film and video, especially documentary film and visual (video) art. Besides, IVA.lab (inter_video_action lab) makes collaboration and knowledge and experience exchange possible, both for documentary filmmakers and visual artists. It opens new topics for recognizes co-production potential.

Last year's IVA.lab hybrid edition included the participation of four young artists from B&H and Serbia, who will gather live this year in Požega, during Interaction 2022 – Mila Panić, Saša Tatić, Jelena Prljević and Miloš Bojović.

Artists participants from 2016 till today are: Dragana Žarevac and Anica Vučetić (2016), Mirjana Boba Stojadinović and Miloš Tomić (2017), Mia Ćuk and Slobodan Stošić (2018), Ivan Petrović and Dejan Klement (2019).