CALL FOR SUBMISSION – 9th International Documentary Masterclass “Interdoc 2018”
Požega (Serbia), from 19th to 29th August 2019

call for submissions

9th International Documentary Masterclass “Interdoc 2019” is going to be organized by the Independent Film Centre “Filmart“, from 19th to 29th August, 2019 in Požega (Serbia). From 20th to 27th August, 2019, workshops led by eminent professors and directors of documentary film Vladimir Perović (Serbia), Nebojša Slijepčević (Croatia) and Mladen Matičević (Serbia) are going to be organized. Distinguished masterclass lecturers will share their knowledge and experience gained from years working as successful documentary films authors. Screening and analysing of selected documentaries will be included. Through an intensive programme of lectures, workshops, screenings and shearing experience with “Interaction” camp participants, the 9th IDM “Interdoc 2019” is inviting participants to improve their theoretical and practical knowledge and understanding the art of making documentary films. During the stay in Požega, mutual accompanying programmes will be organized for the participants of the 9th IDM “Interdoc 2019” as well as for the participants of the 14th ISFC “Interaction 2019”: programme “Interscreen”, excursions, sports and music activities.


who should apply?

Students of film schools, film and TV professionals, and also anyone who wants to find more about creative documentary film has the right to apply for this competition, and they should:

  • speak English fluently
  • submit a fully completed online application form


how to apply?

Applying for the competition is free.

To apply for this competition you should complete and submit the online application form.

The number of participants is limited.

Application deadline: 10th June, 2019


membership fee for participation at the masterclass

Membership fee is 590 euro per participant and it includes:

  1. Cost of the lectures
  2. Cost of the accompanying activities
  3. Cost of the accommodation in the hostel and food cost:
  • 9 nights in a hostel in Požega / two or three bed rooms (19th – 27th August, 2019)
  • breakfast: 9 meals (20th – 28th August, 2019)
  • lunch: 8 meals (20th – 27th August, 2019)
  • dinner: 9 meals (19th – 27th August, 2019)
  • 2 packed meals (28th August, 2019)
  • 1 night in a hostel in Belgrade / two or three bed rooms (28th August, 2019)
  1. Cost of transport of the participant:
  • from Belgrade to Požega (19th August, 2019)
  • from Požega to Belgrade (28th August, 2019)
  1. Cost of organizing the excursions


Rules & Regulations of the 9th IDM “Interdoc 2019” [pdf] you can find here

Online application form of 9th IDM “Interdoc 2019” you can find here

Call for submissions poster for 9th IDM “Interdoc 2019” [pdf] you can find here


selection of the candidates

After the application deadline, the selection jury will consider the applications, select the candidates and list the names of the participants. The candidates chosen to take part in this year’s masterclass will be informed by e-mail no later than 16th June, 2019.