Dragan Elčić

Dragan Elčić was born in 1959 in Sarajevo. Director of many documentaries, TV shows, series. He teaches TV directing at the Academy of Arts in Belgrade, as an associate professor and is one of the most award-winning documentary filmmakers in Serbia.

  • 1984 – graduated Political Science at the Faculty of Political Science in Sarajevo. Graduated Performing Arts at the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo.
  • 1996 – completed his specialization at the Slavjanski University in Sofia, under the mentorship of professor Stefan Stefanov. Topic: “Polyphony in the movies”.
  • 1998 – Master degree in Moscow. Master thesis: “Documentary film in extreme conditions”.
  • Since 2001 – head of TV directing department “Sava Mrmak” Academy of Arts in Belgrade.
  • 2001 – 2006 – associate professor at TV directing department “Sava Mrmak” in Belgrade.
  • Since 2006 – full professor at TV directing department “Sava Mrmak” in Belgrade.

He has directed over 250 documentaries and short films, 200 different documentary forms, one feature film, two feature documentaries, two TV dramas, four TV films and seven TV series to feature a total of 106 episodes of various lengths.

Documentaries (selected): Little Cross, Sava Water, Duble Naked, Black Sheep, Little One, Waste Hands, Life, Kolo, Balkan’s Syndrome, Guardians of Silence, The Ball, Breakout, Prayer, Anathema, Breath, In Continuo, Drita, The Game, Passanger through space and centuries, The last weekend in Sarajevo, My teacher, Milica etc.

He won 57 awards (selected): Oscar nominee (in Serbia) / 2001; Special award at International Short Film Festival Oberhausen – Germany /1999; GRAND PRIX – Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival / Belgrade /1996; Golden Knight – Russia / 1996; Award for TV directing for the documentary Alpe Adria, Trieste, Italia / 2000.

Mladen Matičević

Mladen Matičević (1965) graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade – Department of Film and TV Directing. He has directed more than 20 documentary films, most notable being “Ghetto – Secret Life of a City” (1996), “How to Become a Hero” (2007), “Run for Life” (2010) and “My craft” (2014).

He directed the TV series “Some new kids” (2003), as well as two feature films “One on One” (2002) and “Together” (2011). He is art director of the 62nd Belgrade Documentary and Short Meter Film Festival (Serbia).

Mladen Matičević’s films were presented on numerous international film festivals (London International Film Festival – selection of New European Cinema, International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, ZagrebDox, BelDox)

He has won numerous awards at festivals in Bucharest, Moscow, Perm, ZagrebDox, BelDox-in … Feature film “One on One” was awarded the best Serbian film of 2002 in the choice of FIPRESCI Serbia, and the film “Together” was awarded second prize for best screenplay in 2011 at the Screenplay Festival in Vrnjačka Banja.