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19th - 28th August 2014

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29th August 2014



With the projection of films held in the Hall of the Cultural Center of Belgrade that took place on Thursday, 28th of August, and the day before in the movie theathre of the Cultural Center of Pozega, the 9th International student film camp „Interaction 2014“ and the International masterclass of documentary film „Interdoc 2014“ that gathered 36 participants from 20 countries have finished.

Before the premiere of the films, Stefan Arsenijevic, a professor of directing on the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, a laurear of a „Golden Bear“ in Berlin, winer of an award of the Europian Film Academy, and a nominee for an Oscar adressed the participants as well as the audience from Pozega. Guests were also greeted by Milovan Micovic in the name of the Municipality of Pozega, and Dejan Petrovic, the director of NFC „Filmart“.

During the three weeks they stayed in the camp, 15 students from film academies from all over the world, that were split into three crews, shot three documentary films on the teritory of Pozega and Cacak on the subject of „Frameless portrait“:


1. Film “Play” – directed by: Andrej Kolencik (film shot in Cacak)
Life is a game ... Do you want to play?

2. Film “Odvojen” – directed by: Christo Tomy (film shot in Pozega)
During the war, a lot of sons are being sent to the battlefield. Mothers are left waiting for them. This is their story.

3. Film „Raspevana Požežanke" – crew Pozega 3, directed by: Luka Popadić (film shot in Pozega)
Jelica and her friends talk about life, death, and everything in between openly. These are not ordenary choir singers in this warm, suprising and a bit odd prostrait of oldness.

A masterclass of documentary film „Interdoc 2014“ was held at the same time as the camp, and within it about 20 students and film profesionals atended lectures from the field of documentary film. Prominent directors Dragan Elcic and Zelimir zilnik shared their experience with the participants of the masterclass.


Every evening, we organized several fololowing programmes for the participants and the local community. Withhin the „Interscreen“ programme, held in the cinema of the Cultural Center of Pozega, we screened about 9 hours of student films, but also films of renowned authors, every evening for 6 evenings in a row. Film fans had the chance to remind themselves of the film „Early works“ bu Zelimir Zilnik, the winner of a „Golden Bear“ in Berlin. They could also attended a pre-premier of a documentary „Milica“ by Dragan Elcic, and could watch a documentary about Guca named “Rock the Trumpet”, by Sali Salij. The directors of the films also attended the screenings of their films, and they shared their creations and their view on film.


Participants represented their counries within the „Interface“ programme. The cultures of Mexico, Finladn, Syria, Venecuela, Philipines, Southafrican Republic, Italy, Romania, Turkey, Slovaika, Russia, Bulgaria, Israel, China, India, Iran, Great Britain, Protugal and Canada and Serbia.


Within the „Summer reading programme“, organised by the National library of Pozega, participants represented their countries to the youngest citizens of Pozega.

With the aim of socilasing between the participants, sport activities, parties and concerst were held daily. With the partnership of the Cultural Center of Pozega, a concert of “The Mothership Orchestra” was held, and also a classical music concert “Jelena Petrović an friends”.

While attending the camp, participants visited the Ovcar-Kablar gorge and got to know the cultural heritage of Serbia.


During the 9 years that the camp has been realised, there has been 174 participant from 47 country, and 47 particpants from 21 country attended the masterclass


Thanks to the sponsors- the Ministy of culture and information of republic of Serbia, the municipality of Pozega, the city of Cacak and Erste bank, the camp and masterclass had been held.

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8th August 2014



Again this year, during August, Pozega will be hosting 38 young filmmakers from 21 countries, participants of the 9thInternational student film camp „Interaction 2014“ and the International master class of documentary film „Interdoc 2014“.

Fifteen students of production, directing, camera, sound design and editing divided into three multinational crews, will be staying in Cacak and Pozega from the 12th of August where they will film three documentary films on the theme of „Frameless portrait“. Right after they finish filming, all participants of the camp will gather in Pozega, where 23 participants of „Interdoc“ will join them.

From the 20th until the 27th of August participants of the camp will edit their films, while the participants of the master class will attend lectures about documentary film that will be held by our renowned directors Zelimir Zilnik and Dragan Elcic.

In the evenings, following programs intended for participants, but also the local community will be held. Student films as well as films of renowned authors will be shown within the "Interscreen" programme. Legendary film "Early works" by Zelimir Zilnik, which won a Golden bear prize in Berlin, as well as a preview of a documentary film “Milica” by Dragan Elcic will be shown during the camp. Also within the “Interscreen” programme, a film about Guca festival “Rock the Trumpet” by Sali Sali, a director from Turkey, and the selection of best student films from the International association of film and TV schools - CILECT PRIZE 2013 will be shown. Film fans will have the chance to watch, and after the projections discuss films with the authors themselves.

During their stay in Pozega, participants will represent the culture of the countries they are coming from through music, poetry, dance etc. within the „Interface“ programme. During this programme, 21 coutry will be represented: Mexico, Finland, Syria, Romania, Israel, Slovakia, China, Venecuela, Irland, India, Italy, Russia, Filipines, Turkey, The Great Britain, South Africa, Iran, Bulgaria, Portugal, Canada and Serbia.

Participants of the camp and masterclass will also present their culture to the yongest citizens od Pozega within the „Summer reding programme“ that is realised by Public Library of Pozega.

With the aim of introduction and socializing, sport activities, parties and concerts will be hald daily. Concerts by „The Mothership Orchestra“ as well as „Jelena Petrovic and friends“ – a trio from Paris, will be held in partnership with The Culutral Center of Pozega.

During the camp, participants will visit monasteries of Ovcar-Kablar gorge and get to know Serbian cultural enheritage. Films shot during the camp will be premierd on the 27th of August in Pozega, and in the hall of The Cultural Center of Belgrade the day after that.

The camp and the masterclass are realised with the support of the Ministry of Culture and information of Republic Serbia, Municipality of Pozega, City of Cacak and Erste bank, and organised by The Independent film center „Filmart“ from Pozega.

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17th March 2014




Pozega (Serbia) / from 19th to 28st August 2014

Application deadline: 10 June 2014


International Documentary Masterclass Interdoc 2014” is going to be organized by the Independent Film Centre “Filmart“, from 19th  to 28th  August 2014 in Pozega (Serbia).

From 20th to 27th August 2014, workshops led by eminent professors and directors of documentaries Zelimir Zilnik (Serbia) and MA Dragan Elcic (Serbia) are going to be organized. Distinguished Masterclass lecturers will share their knowledge and experience gained from years working as successful documentary films authors. Screening and analyzing of selected documentaries will be included.  Through an intensive program of lectures, workshops and discussions, IDM "Interdoc 2014" is inviting participants to improve their theoretical and practical knowledge and understanding of art of making documentary films.



Who should apply?

Students of film schools, film professionals and up-and-coming filmmakers have the right to apply for this competition and they should:

  • be experienced in film production
  • speak English fluently
  • complete and submit the online application form


The number of participants is limited.


How to apply?

To apply for this competition you should complete and submit the online application form.


Read the RULES & REGULATIONS carefully before you complete the application form. Online application form you can find HERE.


Application deadline: 10 June 2014


Applying for competition is free.


Membership fee for participation at masterclass

Membership fee is 500 euro per participant and it includes: 


  • costs of lectures
  • costs of accompanying activities
  • board and lodging costs (
  • transport costs of the participants, from Pozega to Belgrade (28 August 2014)


Selection of the candidates
After the application deadline, the selection jury will consider the applications, select the candidates and list the names of the participants. The candidates chosen to take part in this year's Masterclass will be informed through e-mail by 15th June 2014 at the latest.

Click here to download the poster.

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