inter video action

4th IVA.lab 2019

Residency program for production video art, established in 2016 with the goal of gathering visual artists from Serbia, film professionals and students of film schools from the whole world in one place. This residency was started as a reaction to the problem of not having enough residency programs of media artpractice and also art colonies and video art workshops. It offers opportunity for the production of new moving picture and continuous testing of how close two media are, that is – film and video, especially documentary film and visual (video) art. Besides, IVA.lab makes collaboration and knowledge and experience exchange possible, both for documentary filmmakers and visual artists. It opens new topics for recognizes co-production potential. 

At the first residency that was held in 2016, two very respectable artists who dedicate their efforts to video as a medium took part – Dragana Žarevac and Anica Vučetić. During the 2nd IVA.lab there were produced two video works of two visual artists from Serbia – Mirjana Boba Stojadinović and Miloš Tomić. Within 3rd edition IVA.lab program, Mia Ćuk and Slobodan Stošić, two artists from Novi Sad (Serbia), in collaboration with the young filmmakers worked on production of their video works. 4th IVA.lab participants are artists Ivan Petrović and Dejan Klement.

IVA.lab is supported by Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia

Ivan Petrović (1973, Serbia) graduated from the Academy of Arts “Braća Karić” (Belgrade, Serbia), department of photography, in 2002. The artistic practice of Ivan Petrović is the result of a comprehensive exploration of the photographic medium and is based on mutual relationships between documentarism, appropriation, and re-evaluation. Ivan Petrović’s thematic interests are directed towards the questions of history; heritage and discontinuity; identity and personal individual histories, as well as the position that the medium of photography occupies within the changing cultural, socio-political or technical and technological paradigms. Besides photography, which represents his main interest of work, he is also making documentary and experimental films.


Deyan Clement (1989, Belgrade) studied at the Academy of Fine Art in Trebinje and Belgrade, where he graduated in the Painting Department. Most often, he works in the field of video performance, using different media as tools or additional content in the service of the performative process. He explores the questions of identity and freedom through introspection, the relationship between private and public, life and death. He has been actively exhibiting since 2008, at solo and group shows and art festivals in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Uruguay, America and Greece.