Students of film academies from different parts of the world will shoot documentary films within the 14th International Student Film Camp Interaction organized by the Independent Film Center Filmart from Požega, from the 12th until the 29th of August 2019. Participants of 9th International Documentary Masterclass Interdoc will be lectured in the field of creative documentary and two video artworks will be produced as part of IVA.lab programme.

In the span of seven days, fifteen Interaction participants from Argentina, Germany, India, Poland, Russia, Brazil, Greece, Montenegro, Croatia and Serbia, divided into three crews, under the supervision of Israeli film director, Efim Graboy, will shoot three documentaries on the subject of Daily Rituals. Films will be shot on the territories of Užice, Čačak and Ivanjica.

Group of twenty-one attendees of the 9th Masterclass Interdoc will join participants of Interaction. Participants of the Masterclass are both film students and young filmmakers from Czech Republic, South Africa, Lithuania, Egypt, Canada, India, France, North Macedonia, Italy, Pakistan, Great Britain, SAD, Benin, Slovenia and Serbia. Lecturers of this year`s edition of the Masterclass are affirmed documentary filmmakers from Serbia and the region – Nebojša Slijepčević, Vladimir Perović and Mladen Matičević.

Ivan Petrović and Dejan Klement, artists from Serbia, will produce video artworks alongside the participants of the Masterclass and the Camp, as part of IVA.lab (Inter-video-action) – a programme intended for visual artists from Serbia.

In addition to the production of the films and the lectures, as part of the accompanying Interscreen programme intended for the participants as well as the broader audience, from the 20th until the 27th of August, documentary films of the participants as well as the films of the well-known directors: Srbenka by Nebojša Slijepčević (awarded with the Doc Aliance Award at the Cannes Film Festival 2018), The Thirst of a Stone Sea by Vladimir Perović, a selection of short films by Miloš Tomić and the latest film from Mladen Matičević, Celestial Theme – The Story Of Vlada Divljan will be screened.

Films made during the camp will be premiered on the 28th of August, 2019 in Belgrade at the Movie Theatre of Cultural Centre of Belgrade.

To this day, around 400 filmmakers from more than 60 countries have participated in the Camp, Masterclasses and IVA.lab. 44 documentaries have been produced which have won 15 awards at film festivals around the world.

This year’s programmes are supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, the Film Center of Serbia, the City of Čačak, the Municipality of Ivanjica, the production company Cinnamon Films, as well as other organizations from the public and business sectors.

SELECTION RESULTS – 14th International Student Film Camp Interaction 2019

From March 7th to April 20th, 2019 we received 123 applications from 38 countries. Members of the selection jury: Inma de Reyes (director / Spain), Efim Graboy (director / Israel) and DejanPetrović (director, IFC Filmart general manager / Serbia) considered the applications and decided that the participants of 14th International Student Film Camp Interaction 2019 are:


  • Katarina Kastratović (Montenegro) / Faculty of Drama Arts Cetinje (Montenegro)
  • Tanja Zeba (Croatia) / Academy of Arts Belgrade (Serbia)
  • Nenad Marinković (Serbia) / Academy of Arts Novi Sad (Serbia)

Department DIRECTING:

  • Ivan Murgic (Argentina) / Universidad de Buenos Aires – UBA (Argentina)
  • Andreas Boschmann (Germany / Russia) / Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF (Germany)
  • Pablo Radice (Argentina) / Universidad de Buenos Aires – UBA (Argentina)

Department EDITING:

  • Dorota Roś (Poland) / Lodz Film School (Poland)
  • Paraskevi Loi (Greece) / Hellenic Cinema and Television School Stavrakos (Greece)
  • Pedro de Alencar (Brazil) / Universidade Federal Fluminense – UFF (Brazil)


  • Guido Amadeo Nucci (Argentina) / Universidad Nacional de Cordoba (Argentina)
  • Cecilia Sandoval (Argentina) / Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina)
  • Sachin Yaduvanshi (India) / Central University of Rajasthan (India)

Department SOUND DESIGN:

  • Rahul Rabha (India) / Film And Television Institute of India (India)
  • Olga Krasivicheva (Russia) / The All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography of S. A. G. – VGIK (Russia)
  • Anton Levkin (Russia) / The All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography of S. A. G. – VGIK (Russia)

Selection Jury – 14th International Student Film Camp Interaction 2019:

Inma de Reyes | Spain
Inma de Reyes graduated in Film & TV from the University of Navarra, Spain in 2011. Upon graduating she moved to London, where she earned an internship sponsored by the European Leonardo Da Vinci grant. Inma’s passion for storytelling and her personal search for a new way to tell stories brought her to direct theatre in Bristol for the following four years. As a result of this experience, Inma combines different elements from cinema and theatre in her films, creating a cinematic stage where real people seem to play characters in an unpredictable narrative. Now based in Scotland, she has recently graduated with a merit in Masters of Fine Art in Film Directing by Edinburgh College of Art and The University of Edinburgh. Her first documentary short To be a torero premiered in Sheffield Doc/Fest in June 2018 and will continue to tour the world. As a result of the premiere, she is currently working on her first feature film, in an international co-production between Los Angeles and Scotland. Inma is also working on another feature film, produced from Glasgow, Scotland with sights into an international release.  She was participant of the 13th ISFC Interaction 2018 and made a documentary Eighty Serbian Dinars.

Efim Graboy | Israel
At the age of 20, Efim received funding to make his first documentary film, Home Sweet Home (2010), which was broadcasted in Israel, and won several awards at festivals. After that, he continued with developing his directing skills at Tel Aviv University, Film Department. He worked as an editor and director at the biggest Israeli sports channel. In 2012 he created a short experimental film Minilook Kiev and one year later he directed Life in a Plate – a stop motion animation that was made only from food, which was broadcasted on TV and screened at Art Museum. While participating in Looking for China programme, he shot Bird of Paradise – a film about the capital of Shaanxi province, Xi’an. His fiction film Lamps Lit on a Towpath (2016) was part of the official selection at prestigious Palm Springs Short Fest 2016. The Unknown Soldier (2017) was screened in Cinemas in Israel, won 6 awards at festivals. In 2017, Efim was chosen to participate in a documentary film camp Interaction where he made a documentary Valley of the Rulers.

Dejan Petrović | Serbia
A writer and director of short fiction and documentary films. He produced more than forty short documentary films. He’s the founder and C.E.O. of the Independent film centre Filmart that organizes several projects, the International Student Film Camp Interaction being one of them. He teaches documentary directing at the Academy of Arts in Belgrade and he’s also a member of DOKSerbiaDocumentary Filmmakers of Serbia. His film The Same participated in the competition programme of the renowned documentary film festival IDFA in Amsterdam 2017. He is the winner of 15 awards at numerous film festivals.

Independent Film Centre “Filmart” has been awarded “Special mention” by professional jury of the 66th Martovski festival – Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival.

Jury’s explanation:
“The jury is awarding Independent Film Center “Filmart” by Special mention for the excellent film selection with artistic quality that contributed significantly to the 66th Martovski Festival. These films were made during the Interaction Camp whose goal is international connecting of film students. The results of this project are films “The Valley of the Rulers” and “Harvesters” whose quality in this way we want to particularly emphasize.”

Documentaries which were filmed during the Interaction Camp at the 66th Martovski Festival (Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival, Serbia) and Atlanta Film Festival (USA)

The documentaries “The Valley of the Rulers” and “The Harvesters” filmed during the International Student Film Camp “Interaction” will be screened at the 66th Martovski festival (Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival) in Serbia and Atlanta Film Festival (USA) during March and April 2019.

Short documentary “Valley of the Rulers” is a Serbian/Israeli coproduction (IFC Filmart and Okapi Creative Studio) directed by Efim Graboy from Israel, and was filmed during the 12th International Student Film Camp “Interaction 2017”. After the successful screenings at Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival and Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, “Valley of the Rulers” will have its Serbian premiere at the 66th Martovski Festival (Serbia, Belgrade, Dom omladine Beograda, 29 March, 2019, 9:00 PM) as well as at the Atlanta Film Festival (USA, Atlanta, Hilan Theater, 11 April, 2019, 7:30 PM). Atlanta Film Festival screening is the second screening of the film at an “Academy Award qualifying” festival in America.

“The Harvesters” directed by Gala Negrello from Argentina, was filmed during the 13th International Student Film Camp “Intraction 2018” in Ivanjica. The film will be premiered at the 66th Martovski festival (Serbia, Belgrade, Dom omladine Beograda, 29 March, 2019, 9:00 PM). “The Harvesters” is a portrait of Ruža, an 82 year-old woman who collects blackberries in a mountain in Ivanjica and dreams her dream. Dejan Petrović is the producer of the film, and the rest of the crew include young filmmakers – Osama Aiad from Egypt (production manager), Olya Solovyova form Russia (sound designer), Arnold Fernandes from India (DoP) and Stefan Rokvić, editor from Serbia. Local production coordinator in Ivanjica is Aleksandar Dimitrijević (producer).

“Valley of the Rulers” tells the story of people who spend their last years in a nursing home in Zabučje, a village above Uzice. The director of the film is Efim Graboy, Dejan Petrović is the producer, while the rest of the crew are filmmakers and film students from different countries – Walid Messnaoui from Morocco (editor), Constanza Sandoval from Argentina (director of photography), Anton Levkin from Russia (camera designer and sound designer) and Milena Šmigić (production manager from Serbia). Local production coordinator is Ana Ostojić.

Belgrade, Serbia, Dom omladine Beograda, 29 March 2019, 9:00 PM

Atlanta, USA, Hilan Theater, 11 April 2019, 7:30 PM


CALL FOR SUBMISSION – 14th International Student Film Camp “Interaction 2018”
Požega (Serbia), from 12th to 29th August 2019

call for submission

14th International Student Film Camp “Interaction 2019” organized by the Independent Film Centre “Filmart” is going to be held from 12th to 29th August, 2019 in Požega (Serbia). During the 14th International Student Film Camp “Interaction 2019”, 15 participants, divided into three crews will shoot three documentary films on a given subject. Along with the film production, the accompanying programmes will be organized: the “Interscreen“ programme, an excursion, sport and music activities, as well as the premiere of the films.

competition eligibility
Your application will be taken into consideration if you:

  • study film production, directing, cinematography, sound design or editing
  • have taken part in production of at least one documentary film
  • speak English fluently
  • complete and submit the online application form
  • upload a documentary film (provided that you participated in its production) on some of the online services (YouTube, Vimeo) and place the link in your online application form along with the password

the organizer provides:

  • board and lodging for the participants
  • equipment and materials for film production
  • transport Belgrade – Požega – Belgrade

participant pays for:

  • transport (to Belgrade and back)
  • international travel health insurance
  • getting a visa (if they need one to enter Serbia)

applying for the competition

Applying for the competition is free.

To apply for this competition you should complete and submit the online application form.

Application deadline: 20th April, 2019

the film which you will send to apply must be:

  • documentary
  • subtitled to English
  • made during your studies

The film should be uploaded on some of the online services (YouTube, Vimeo) and its link should be visible in the online application form along with the password. Your film must be available on the link given until the results of the competition have been announced – until the 10th of May, 2019.

Rules & Regulations of the 14th ISFC “Interaction 2019 [pdf]  you can find here

Online application form of 14th ISFC “Interaction 2019”  here

Call for submissions poster for 14th ISFC “Interaction 2019” [pdf] you can find here

selection of the candidates

After the application deadline, the selection jury will consider the applications, select the candidates and list the names of the participants. Participants chosen to take part in this year’s camp will be informed by e-mail no later than the 10th of May, 2019.