director: Efim Graboy
Serbia – Israel, 2018, 26’

Saturday, 24th August, 2019, 9 p.m. – Films of participants of INTERACTION
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A poetic and metaphysical view on a daily life routine in a distant nursing home, on the top of the mountain in Užice, Serbia – the closest place to heaven. This is the last station on earth for old people who are called “clients”. While they’re waiting for the end of their lives, prisoned in a desolate nursing home and their old-dying bodies, they are fighting for the freedom of their soul, the only place where they can still feel young and alive. This is the fight between light and darkness, suffering and acceptance and life and death.

Director: Efim Graboy
Producer: Dejan Petrović
Executive producer: Predrag Živković
Production manager: Milena Šmigić
Sound design: Anton Levkin
Director of Photography: Constanza Sandoval
Editor: Walid Messnaoui
Production companies: IFC Filmart, Okapi Doc