film production

Film production, as the main activity of the camp is going to be carried out in 2 stages:

Stage 1 (11th - 17th August, 2017) - During their stay in 3 towns of the western Serbia (Cacak - the first crew, Ivanjica - the second crew and Uzice - the third crew) and with the help of a local guide, students divided into 3 crews do the following:

  • Investigate the area and search for the topic
  • Shoot the material for their documentaries (duration of the films-up to 30 minutes)

Stage 2 (18th - 24th August, 2017) - Participants from all 3 crews meet in Pozega and do the following activities: capturing, editing, sound design, colour correction, subtitles translation, subtitling and graphics processing, rendering and exporting.

Workshops and consultations with a film directing supervisor (Dragan Elcic) are going to be organized along with the film production. The following workshops are going to be held during the camp:

  • Introductory workshop – presenting the participants, stating the goals and assignments of the camp, film production conditions and the schedule of the camp activities
  • Test screening and Closing workshop - through the conversation with the supervisor, the participants will evaluate the films made during the camp and fill in an evaluation questionnaires