about camp

12th International Student Film Camp “Interaction 2017” organized by the Independent Film Centre “Filmart” is going to be held from 10th to 27th of August, 2017 in Pozega (Serbia).

Since 2006, Independent Film Centre "Filmart" is the organizer of the International Student Film Camp "Interaction". During their three-week stay in the western part of Serbia, film school students from all around the world shoot documentary films on a given subject. Apart from the film production, there are also accompanying activities, including the screenings of their films, various musical and sport events. During a 11-year camp realization, there were 204 participants from 50 countries and from 89 film schools. Also, 41 documentaries were shot, 9 of which were awarded with 13 different prizes all over the world.

Through the realisation of the Camp, the Independent Film Centre “Filmart“ supports the film creativity of the young, and particularly encourages the development and production of the documentary film by students of film schools. Working in a multinational student film crew during the film production encourages multiculturalism and exchange of experience between students of film academies from around the world.

During the 12th International Student Film Camp “Interaction 2017”, 15 participants - students of production, directing, cinematography, sound design and editing, divided into three crews, will shoot three documentary films on a given subject. Along with the film production, the accompanying activities are: the “Interscreen“ programme (film screenings), music and sport activities, an excursion and the premiere screening of the films made during the camp.