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MEDIA Days, 18th - 19th August 2017

International Student Film Camp Interaction

International Documentary Masterclass Interdoc

18th – 19th August 2017 - MEDIA Desk Serbia together with the Independent Film Centre Filmart organizes MEDIA Days during the International Student Film Camp Interaction and the International Documentary Masterclass Interdoc. MEDIA Days include organization of the MEDIA Info Day (18th of August) and Educational Workshop Documentary Production (19th of August) aiming at reaching possible stakeholders, including professional networks, cultural institutes, national and regional authorities and potential interested companies and audiovisual professionals who could benefit from the Creative Europe Programme.

MEDIA Subprogram within the framework of the Creative Europe program encourages the development of the European audiovisual sector by providing support for development, distribution and promotion of European films production of TV programmes, training initiatives of film professionals, the development of new technologies and platforms for distribution of audiovisual content, film festivals and audience development. Events such as Info days are a unique opportunity to promote Creative Europe, explain the programme and its mechanisms to potential beneficiaries and address issues related to Creative Europe but also to assure the visibility of the Creative Europe programme among young international audiovisual professionals.

MEDIA sub-program aimes at supporting European audiovisual sector, highlighting the European identity, heritage and cultural diversity; greater presence of European audiovisual works on the international market and strengthening and stimulating innovation and competitiveness of the European audiovisual sector.

In 2016 MEDIA celebrated 25 years of its existence, and during this period 2.4 billion euros has been invested in creativity by the EU. MEDIA supports the development of feature, documentaries and animated films, TV program production and development of high-quality video games (33% of total investment), initiatives for training of film and audiovisual professionals (8%), access to markets and networking (10%), distribution of non-national European films (39%), online distribution (5%) and audience development through support for film festivals and initiatives that promote film literacy (5%).

In December 2015, Serbia has become the member of the MEDIA sub-program. MEDIA desk Serbia is an implementation body of the MEDIA subprogram, formed within the Film Centre Serbia.

The task of the MEDIA Desk is to support representatives of the audiovisual sector in Serbia who would like to participate in MEDIA subprogram. Through consultations, public events and educational activities, the MEDIA desk provides prmotes MEDIA and provides information about the possibilities offered by the MEDIA sub-program.

Within this framework, the MEDIA desk Serbia in cooperation with the Independent Film Centre Filmart organizes MEDIA Days. On 18th of August MEDIA Info day will take place during which the representative of the MEDIA Desk will provide information about MEDIA subprogram and the possibilities this program offers the audiovisual sector in Europe. Besides application procedures and eligibility criteria for 14 calls of proposals existing within Creative Europe MEDIA subprogram, the participants of the Info day will have the opportunity to learn more about the European cultural policy and general objectives of the Creative Europe program. During the second day (19th of August) educational workshop entitled Documentary production will be organized for high school students interested in audiovisual industry.