inter video action

Inter | Video | Action – exhibition

Dragana Žarevac & Anica Vučetić

Curator: Slađana Petrović Varagić

Remont Gallery, Belgrade

9 – 27/08/2017

The works of Dragana Žarevac and Anica Vučetić that were created during the course of the last year’s residency, will be shown in the exhibition Inter | Video | Action. The exhibition will open at the Remont Gallery, on Wednesday, 9th August at 8pm.

The work Discovering the territory presented at the exhibition Inter | Video | Action at the Remont Gallery was partially created during the residency of the same name when Dragana Žarevac filmed some shots of her work in progress. Dragana Žarevac “discovers the territory” by showing its beauty. However, she greatly emphasizes the contrast between very noticeable static qualities and “moving picture” and with this antagonism suggests uncertainty and reconsideration of the composition harmony. With long takes and no camera movements, she recorded the landscape presenting it with no major changes made during film editing. In audio part of the installation we can hear her reconsidering the term “territory” from different perspectives. The problem that the author deals with is imbalance between the potential and destiny of this geographical area. Moreover, her main interest is ideological matrix that defines a specific territory and that is the reason why this work shows an attempt to see and live the beauty in its most impressive and purest form by changing “the perspective”.

Anica Vučetić’s work Between the worlds the first one from a new set, can timidly be recognized as a new and more open artist’s approach to this subject that gradually spread over the issues of global surroundings. This two-channel video installation is actually the video footage recorded in Japan that is presented as an installation within the residency Inter | Video | Action in Požega. It shows the artist building the space structure and arranging the screens of different dimensions with a great precision. Media manipulation and its technological advantages are used with the purpose of confronting people with their dehumanized environment, pondering the meaning of it and the ways how it can be restored again.

2nd Inter | Video | Action 2017

Residency program for video artists

The residency program Inter | Video | Action was established in 2016 in Požega by Independent Film Center ‘‘Filmart’’ with the goal to gather video artists from Serbia in one place, film professionals and students at film schools from the whole world (participants of the International Student Film Camp ‘‘Interaction’’ and International Documentary Masterclass ‘‘Interdoc’’). This residency was started as a reaction to the problem of not having enough residency programs, ‘‘new media’’ art practice and also art colonies and video art workshops. It offers opportunity for the production of new ‘‘moving picture’’ and continuous testing of how close two media are, that is – film and video, especially documentary film and visual (video) art. Besides, Inter | Video | Action makes collaboration and knowledge and experience exchange possible, both for documentarists and visual artists. It opens new topics for discussion and recognizes co-production potential. At the first residency that was held in 2016, two very respectable artists who dedicate their efforts to video as a medium took part: Dragana Žarevac and Anica Vučetić. During August 2017, the second residency of Inter | Video | Action will be carried out offering the conditions needed for production of two new video works of this year’s participants: Mirjana Boba Stojadinović and Miloš Tomić.

Mirjana Boba Stojadinović (Belgrade, 1977) graduated and postgraduated at the Faculty of Visual Arts in Belgrade (2006). She also holds a MFA Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam (NL) in collaboration with the University Plymouth (UK) (2008).

Since 1998 she has exhibited solo in galleries in Serbia, in Cetinje, Montenegro and in Zagreb. The focus of her interests is space and spatial relations. She has used various media including photography, text, sound and objects.

She has also organized and participated in numerous group exhibitions in the country and abroad, including Staatlische Kunsthalle Baden-Baden/DE; Klovićevi dvori, Zagreb/CRO; National Museum of Slovenia, Ljubljana/SI; Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade/SER; Palazzo Forti gallery of modern art, Verona/IT; TENT. Rotterdam/NL, etc. Boba is the recipient of the award of the 25th Memorial of Nadežda Petrović in 2010.

In cooperation with other artists she initiated several projects dedicated to visual art in public and private spaces, as well as with artist run organizations. Since 2010 she is an author and organizer of the forum called ARTIST AS AN AUDIENCE. At the beginning of 2014 a book dedicated to the project was published. Most recently Boba curated the Belgrade edition of transnational project ACTOPOLIS. The project was a production by Goethe-Institut and Urbane Künste Ruhr.

Miloš Tomić is a multimedia artist whose projects span film, photography, collages and sculpture. Tomić studied directing and then animation – experiences that continue to influence his practice. Over last 20 years, as an independent filmmaker with various others obsessions: music improvisations, collecting abandon objects, writhing, traveling, he has collaborated with many other filmmakers, visual artist, musicians as well, as with people from margins of society. He showed his work in many festivals and exhibition. In 2013, as he said “by chance”, was Serbian representative at Bienalle in Venice. Everyday experiences and small, unnoticed things in daily life expressed in video diary form is his recent activity, as well as following inner obsessions in form of stop motion short films. He travels cities with workshops that he leads in playful way.

With support of Ministry of Culture and Information, Republic of Serbia