The Haunted Hunter

documentary film shot in Čačak

Film type: Documentary
Length: 8’ 26’’
Year of production: 2018
Country: Serbia

Production company: IFC Filmart
Producer: Dejan Petrović
Executive producer: Predrag Živković
Production managers: Sidali Zaafoune, Ikonija Jeftić
Sound design: Evgeniy Ziborov
Director of Photography: Rawan Namnagani
Edited by: Jakob Hreščak
Directed by: Siham Hinawi


Jovanka is a strong and beautiful 36 year-old woman from Čačak. During the week, she works very hard, waking up at dawn to cook meals she then delivers to various companies, taking care of the family home, and running through the farm feeding the animals. On the weekend, she finally finds peace – a big rifle tied to her back, she goes deep into the forest to hunt.