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12 Septembar 2011

Screenings in Pozega and Belgrade marked the end of 6th International Student Film Camp "Interaction 2011"

The films made during 6th International Student Film Camp "Interaction 2011" were screened on Saturday, 27 August 2011 at the Pozega Cultural Centre Movie Theatre and the Belgrade Cultural Centre the following day.

There are four films made during this year's camp on the theme "Art dialogue": Cofee & cigarettes (Cacak), Not anyone breaths the same amount of air (Uzice), Endless rhythm (Kosjeric) & Road (Pozega).

Snezana Stojanovic Plavsic - State Secretary in the Ministry of Culture, Media and Information Society, Milovan Micovic – Pozega Mayor and Dejan Petrovic – Manager of the Independent Film Centre "Filmart" welcomed the audience in Pozega.

At the Belgrade premiere among others, there were the Ambassador of Egypt His Excellency Mr. Aly Galal Abdelaziz Mohamed Bassiouny, the Ambassador of Mexico Her Excellency Mersedes Felicitas Ruiz Zapata and the Minister of Culture, Media and Information Society Predrag Markovic who addressed the audience on behalf of the general sponsor.

These screenings in Pozega and Belgrade marked the end of this year's "Interaction".

Students at the most prestigious academies in the world shoot documentaries in Western Serbia in the second half of August during the 6th “Interaction“


Požega, 2nd August 2011 - 6th International Student Film Camp “Interaction 2011” is going to be held from 11th to 29th August 2011 in Pozega with the aim of improving cooperation, building mutual trust, tolerance and recognizing the filmmaking of the young. During the camp, twenty students at film academies from 17 countries are going to make four documentaries on the theme “Art Dialogue”. In addition to film production, there are also several accompanying activities: film screenings, culture presentation of the participating countries, exhibitions, literary evenings, workshops, excursions, parties and sporting activities.


The participants, divided into four crews are going to make four documentaries in municipalities of Cacak, Uzice, Kosjeric and Pozega. At the same time with the editing stage, from 20th to 26th August, “INTERface” and “INTERscreen” programmes are going to be organized at Pozega Art Gallery. Within “INTERface”, the participants present the culture of the country they are from, while “INTERscreen” programme is about screening of the students’ films as well as the films awarded at “CILECT PRIZE 2010” Festival (CILECT - International Association of Film and Television Schools).


Documentaries “Cinema komunisto” by Mila Turajlic and “Milena” by Carna Radojicic are also in “INTERscreen” programme.

Kajoko Jamasaki, a poetess from Japan is having a poetry evening “Under the silent stars” at Pozega Art Gallery on 19th August.

On the occasion of the beginning of this year’s camp, the opening of “Art dialogue” exhibition by Bozidar Plazinic is at Pozega Art Gallery on 11th August. 

The premiere of the films made during the camp is at Pozega Cultural Centre, Movie Theatre on 27th August and at Belgrade Cultural Centre a day after.

For the first time, simultaneously with the editing stage, there is also a seven-day International Documentary Masterclass “INTERdoc”. 11 participants of the masterclass are going to have lectures on “Creative documentary film” by MA professor Dragan Elcic and Mila Turajlic.

During their stay in the camp, the participants are going to visit cultural and historical sites in Western Serbia (Mokra Gora, Sirogojno, Ovcarsko-Kablarska Gorge). With the aim of socializing, music and sports events are going to be organized every day. The camp organizer is Independent Film Centre “Filmart” and general sponsors are the Ministry of Culture, media and information society, Central European Initiative (CEI) and Municipality of Pozega.

Pozega (Serbia), 20/28 August 2011

Application deadline is 10th June 2011

International Documentary Masterclass ‘’INTERdoc 2011’’ is going to be organized by the Independent Film Centre „Filmart“,  from 20 to 28 August 2011 in Pozega, Serbia. IDM ‘’INTERdoc 2011’’ will be held at the same time with the realization of the second phase of 6th International Student film camp ‘’Interaction 2011’’

More information on web site: www.film-art.org/interdoc


6th International Student Film Camp “Interaction 2011” is going to be held in Pozega (Serbia) from
11th – 29th August 2011.
20 students of film production, directing, cinematography, sound design and editing from 15 countries, divided into 4 crews are going to make 4 documentaries on the theme “Art dialogue”.

The organizers provide:
·          board and lodging for the participants
·          equipment and material for film production
·          transport (Belgrade – Pozega – Belgrade)

A student / participant pays for:
·       getting a visa (if they need one to enter Serbia)
·       transport (to Belgrade and back)
·       international travel health insurance

Competition eligibility:
Your application will be taken into consideration if you are:
·            a student of film production, directing, cinematography, sound design or editing
·            experienced in documentary film production
·            fluent in English and
·            send correctly filled in the application form along with your photo and the copy of the film in production of which you took part in during your studies.

If you are interested, please read the DIRECTORY of INFORMATION first and then fill in the

Applying for the competition

To apply for this competition you should submit the following:
1         filled in the application form (in electronic form)
2         your photo (JPEG format)
3         the copy of the film in production of which you took part in (DVD format)

The film should be:
1         documentary or short feature one
2         subtitled into English
3         the one made during your studies

Click here to download Application form
You can fill in PDF form by using Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 8 minimum). Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Please send your photo (JPEG format) along with the application form to office@film-art.org


The copy of the film send to:
Radnicka 11, 31210 Pozega, SERBIA 

Application deadline is 15th April 2011

Selection of the candidates
After the application deadline, the selection jury will consider the applications, select the candidates and list the names of the participants. The students chosen to take part in this year’s camp will be informed through e-mail by 15th May 2011 at the latest.

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