The films that were made during the camp are the following:

OTHER COLOURS – shot in municipality of Cacak
Directed by:
Georgy Molodtsov (Russia)
Director of photography: Fernando Muñoz (Mexico)
Edited by: Andre Marques ( Portugal)
Production manager: Miljana Nikolic (Serbia)
Sound design:
Adelina Camelia Bichis (Romania)

TOMORROW WHEN I WAS A CHILD – shot in municipality of Cajetina
Directed by:
Aleksandra Urosevic (Serbia)
Director of photography: Taina Galis (Great Britain)
Edited by: Vanina
Milione (Argentina)
Production manager: Igor Lusic (Croatia)
Sound design:
Aleksandar Pavlovic (Denmark)


RIVER OF PAIN – shot in municipality of Uzice
Directed by:
Kaveh Ghahreman (Iran)
Director of photography:
Predrag Radosavljevic (Serbia)
Edited by: Dimitris
Tolios (Greece)
Production manager: Vanja Acimovic (Serbia)
Sound design: Sara
Johansson (Sweden)


ABOVE – shot in municipality of Pozega
Directed by: Irene M
.Borrego (Spain)
Director of photography:
Cem Geneeske (Turkey)
Edited by: Ana Lagator
Production manager: Vladimir Borka (Serbia)
Sound design: Baffour
Kwaku Awuah (Ghana)



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